ATELIER Arty Apparel embeds abstract photographs of the artist Claude Turlan, “infinite worlds” combined with Fashion Designs by Sabine Langlois.

In the course of 2016 first creations have been being inspired by artworks of the french photographer and painter Claude Turlan, They intend to express the infinity and boundlessness of our inner worlds, showing the changing colours of our souls.

The shots had been taken with a 24×36 camera. Since the photographed subject is smaller than the surface of the film, the technique used is “macro photography“.

Micro-universes are obtained by associating flowing liquid and lacquered paints spread on a smooth, flat surface.
There are countless ways to arrange colors that unfold, predominate or disappear. And for a few moments, magical moments, the colored fields find chords between them, of an infinite variety.

During this transformation, alchemy perhaps, the artist must choose, frame, “see” the image in large format, so, the choice being made, he must trigger.

Starting from these art photographs, fabric prints were developed in early 2016, thanks to the help of E-mode platform in Cholet, France, a research lab dedicated to digital printing on fabrics.


French artist who expresses himself through both paintings and photographic clichés, two supports that he privileges and that never cease to dialogue with him …
A path that he borrows for many years, in a sensitive, personal and colorful quest towards the invisible beauty of things …

« Seeking to capture the invisible, behind the scenes, I gradually discovered what is behind the apparent beauty of things. I gradually understood the plastic logic of abstract painting: an autonomous, coherent, structured language that lives by itself, accessible to all cultures. »

« Vibrating the space, making the colors sing, creating the elegance of a movement, playing with the material, capturing the light in which life shines: all this constitutes an infinite quest for moments of harmony, well-being and of joy… »


Since my childhood, I have ever been fascinated by fashion design. From the outset, I was attracted by deep and vibrant colors, expressive graphics and minimalist cuts. I always wished deep inside me to create clothes with a special power…

My sensitivity to abstract art, in painting as in photography, led me to mature this project over the years, till december 2014, when I intend to a beautiful exhibition of Claude Turlan, at Faubourg Saint Honoré. It was the spark that set off my determination to create some clothes and accessories that will embed these abstract artworks, and give them life beyond the walls of galleries.
After 20 years spent in event communication, I decided to start a second life as a textile and fashion designer. Atelier Arty Apparel was born.

I created the brand with the intent to reflect the intense beauty and joy of those artworks into some pieces you can wear.
A close collaboration with the artist then started, working on a first selection of artworks to be featured on a first prêt-à-porter collection…

My work as a designer focuses on the choice, integration and placement of works in purposely refined forms and minimalist cuts.
I want to leave the greatest place to the graphic expression of the work, the vibration of its colors and of course, to the personality of the woman who wears the garment.

It seems to me that we should all be able to express on the outside this inner energy, this sensitivity that is peculiar to us, and I just want to offer that possibility to the woman, by wearing expressive graphics and colors.

As Sonia Delaunay brilliantly said, Colour is the skin of the world.

So let’s share it, let’s celebrate life through colors ! »